Let’s face it, your lease is up, or you’ve sold up and moving out, and the last thing you want to do is perform that final clean. You want to get on with the next phase of whatever it is you are going off to do.


But, if your lease is finished you do want your bond back and if you are moving out you do want the new owners to feel like it
is home straight away.

Bendigo Clean Team

Worry no more, the
Bendigo Clean Team will make sure that one of two things happen:

a) you get your bond back. No question. Or

b) the new owners of your old home will feel like they walked into an entrant for Home Beautiful

Things we can do for you:

★  Offices

★  Common areas

★  Kitchens

★  Bathrooms

★  Carpet cleaning

★  Windows

★  Whatever else needs cleaning

★  Disposing of excess and unusable goods

★  Finding a home for unwanted but usable
household furniture

★  Downsizing to fit into your new lifestyle

Bendigo Clean Team

End of lease clean – you will get your bond returned.
 We will liaise with the agent so you don’t have to.

Our guarantee to you

Moving out clean – you will want to move straight back in once you see how clean it is. Well, not really, but you get the point.