It’s not just a busy lifestyle that impacts our ability to get on top of all our cleaning, it is the fact that many of us just don’t like it. Well, the Bendigo Clean Team loves it.  

That’s why cleaning the house is better in our hands than anyone else’s (including your own).


Claw back some precious time and talk to us about:

★  Kitchens

★  Bathrooms

★  Lounge rooms

★  Bedrooms

★  Windows

★  Carpet cleaning

We could list all the various elements of cleaning that we do, such as dust, grease, grime, cobwebs etc etc, but the reality is that we do it all.
We clean from top to bottom.


We have a house too and we know how good it feels to look around and be surrounded by a clean look and a fresh aroma. We are happy to do one-off, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or just ‘whenever you have had enough’ cleans. It is up to you’

We have current Police checks and insurance.

Everything you ask for will be done to a standard that would please anyone’s mother-in-law

Our guarantee to you