What you won’t find with the Bendigo Clean Team is complacency, we won’t cut corners and we will not tolerate a ‘close enough is good enough’ finished job. 


It doesn’t just start and finish with cleaning.

We can also help with:

★  Disposing of excess household goods

★  Finding a home for unwanted but usable household furniture

★  Downsizing to fit into your new life/style

Bendigo Clean Team

The Bendigo Clean Team is Kylie Robinson and Phill Crone and was established in 2017 after we saw a gap between what residences and businesses were expecting from their cleaners, and what they were getting.


Whether we are cleaning our own home or someone else’s, or a business, the reward comes in the end result. Leaving it a lot cleaner and more hygienic than when we found it.

Bendigo Clean Team


We are ‘Police checked’, fully insured, and ready to help you with whatever will make your life easier.


Bendigo Clean Team